How to search

Mandatry field

Keywords should be specified. The other fields are optional.

The latest procurement information will be lised, when clicking 'Search' button without keywords.

Refinement conditions

You can specify several refinement conditions and areas with keywords. The optional refinement conditions and areas are as follows.

  • Tender Subject
  • Published or Last Updated Date
  • Bidding Date
  • Organizations
  • Regions

Notice: Some data in the system don't have the organizaition or area information. These data are not searched for.

How to specify in keyword firld

Simple Keyword

Specify only one keyword and push 'Search' button. The keyword follows these rules

  • dentified with upper case and lower case.
  • Symbols are ignored.
  • Such as AND and OR are treated as search operators. To treat them as keywords, use lower case.


Specify one phrase enclosed in apostrophes (') or double quotation marks ("), and push 'Search' button. The phrase follows the above rules.

AND operator

'A AND B': find the data that contain the both A and B.

AND can be omitted.

OR operator

'A OR B': find the data that contain only A or only B or the both.

ANDNOT operator

'A ANDNOT B': find the data that contain A and don't contain B

'A ANDNOT B' is same as 'A AND NOT B'.

NOT operator

'NOT A': find the data that don't contain A.

Complex expression

You can use the 2 or more keyswords with the above operators, and search expression instead of keyword in one search.

AND, OR, and ANDNOT operators have the same priority and NOT have higher than the others. You can change the priorities with '(' and ')'.